Inspired by @LevNovak. Couldn't help but double-tap a title like that.
  1. Summer
    Summer is not only my favorite season; it is my favorite phenomenon and my favorite thing. Everything and everyone comes alive in the most intense, full-color way in the summer. At the height of summer, I find myself wondering: "is this even happening? Or is this already a favorite memory?"
  2. Fall
    Beautiful and inspiring season. The best movies, books, and TV come out. If it weren't for summer, which belongs in its own superior category and more challenging competition, this would be a strong and admirable winner.
  3. Spring
    Spring is inspiring, beautiful, temperate. New life, all that. Even raw, rainy days have a beauty in spring.
  4. No season
    Just wanted to put some distance between these three beautiful seasons and the one nightmare that follows.
  5. Winter
    You like Christmas? Fair enough. That's one day out of a 3-5 month period in which the world shuts itself down into a state of misery. You like New Year's Eve? I bet you actually don't when you think about it, but even so it would be better in any other season. You like Valentine's Day? You like skiing? Well, okay, fine, maybe you like winter more than I do.