Selected Works of Steve Hely

An appreciation of one of our own: List App star @helytimes.
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    The Ridiculous Race
    The premise: two comedy writers race around the world, in opposite directions, without the use of air travel. The generally funny Vali Chandrasekaran cheats immediately, goofing off in exotic locales and flying to the next; as a result, the real winner is Hely, who produces the most funny and interesting travel writing that I've ever read.
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    The Great Debates
    In this often brilliant podcast, Hely's challenge is to take the more positive, life-affirming side on resolutions that it is easy to be cynical about, such as "Kim Kardashian is Smart," "It Would Be Cool if The Pope Had an Affair With Maura Tierney," and "Martin Van Buren Got a Blow Job." Against very worthy rival @davis, Hely draws equally on philosophy, history, and gumption.
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    How I Became a Famous Novelist
    Steve Hely won the Thurber Prize for this deconstruction of what brings literary acclaim to a contemporary author.
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    30 Rock
    Also a contributor to Letterman, The Office, and American Dad, Hely worked on the staff of one of the best joke-for-joke comedies of all time, 30 Rock. No job was beneath him there.