Personal preferences. Factors stated in descriptions. This was hard because I like them all.
  1. Lori Grenier
    Best blend of people skills and acumen. Also the clearest in terms of expertise and the value she would add as an investor. Also second best hair (after Herjavec).
  2. Mark Cuban
    Seems to make the best investments by a slight margin and the most persuasive closer in a multiple offer situation. Uses his star power to his advantage smartly.
  3. Barbara Corcoran
    Smart, likable, but not on enough or particularly charismatic as a shark. Advantage: in the catch-up interstitials, seems to be disproportionately involved in the success stories.
  4. Robert Herjavec
    The most endearing shark, but unclear his investment strategy or what he would add to a given company as investor.
  5. Kevin O' Leary (Mr. Wonderful)
    Useful in his gleeful and sharp negativity in framing the question and narrating the situation. But doesn't seem to make particularly smart offers, and very unclear what he would offer as an investor.
  6. Daymond John
    Seems like more of a follower of the energy in the tank: states what the conventional wisdom seems to be after it has formed. Not particularly clear investment strategy. Advantage: clear areas of expertise and value as an investor.