1. Saw Jay Z at Soho House.
    I was walking down the stairs and he was walking up. I was staring at him, without realizing it. He stared back. "Hey man," he said, in a neutral voice, cool, slightly friendly, no malice, no intensity. "Hey," I said back. That was it. Wow. Did he recognize me? Or was it weird that I was staring? I don't know. Whatever it was, I was grateful for how he handled it. Grace, cool - a legend!
  2. Read carefully and completely through "The Americans" by Robert Frank and "American Photographs" by Walker Evans.
    These are the two great iconic black and white photography books about America. I looked them up on Amazon and they were both surprisingly cheap for photography books so I just ordered them both and they arrived, today. An intense and worthwhile hour and change staring at each photo. Takeaway: Robert Frank has much more wit and skill, Walker Evans is more passive but has the cooler name which may have worked to his advantage.
  3. Signed four translation contracts for The Book With No Pictures.
    French, Hebrew, Luxembourgish, and Turkish. These deals had already been done but signing real contracts made me realize that this is really going to happen, this book is going to be known by children who speak languages I don't speak, and that made me happy and even humbled in that contradictory way that people are "humbled" by things they should be proud of, not humbled by, but make you humbly wonder if you are worthy of some honor that makes you so happy (so I learned that today, too.)