Great topic, @Maxim26. This one is by the numbers rather than emotion. If anyone knows me well enough to suggest others, please be my guest. (Looking at you @LevNovak @jesseno @BillNovak)
  1. Most listened to song: Azaelia Banks, "212"
    In the fall of 2011 I played it as often as a hundred times a day.
  2. Most watched movie: Disney's "Robin Hood"
    Probably everyone's most watched movie comes from childhood, at least in the age of VHS/DVD/Netlfix. This was my favorite.
  3. Most read book: The Oxford Book of Aphorisms
    A friend introduced me to this in high school. Such well-cultivated quotes. It made me feel smart and like the world's great knowledge was there for me to discover. And you only have to pick it up for ten seconds at a time.
  4. Most eaten food: cereal
    Not anymore so much, but every breakfast for about 20 years, not to mention probably 1-2 snacks a day for that same period.