I am with my UK publicist @KatieB and we are trying to choose a song. Apparently they are going to play the complete song and it must have "no swears or drug references."
  1. Busta Rhymes, "Woo-Ha!"
    I thought this was a perfect choice, because I am here promoting a children's book, and this song has a Seussian energy; a 90s energy; an American identity; a pop sensibility; and an offbeat vibe; all of which I like to think I could convey with my radio appearance. They nixed it, even the radio edit, due to drug references.
  2. Miley Cyrus, "Party in the USA"
    Pros: this is a great pop song, it will put people in a good mood, and it conveys the positive feelings I want to bring as an American visitor. Cons: very big "wtf" factor; not sure how much I am in control of the amount of irony I would be conveying.
  3. Father John Misty, "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings"
    I'm visiting from Hollywood, and I like this song! Cons: awfully moody choice for an interview to promote The Book With No Pictures.
  4. Azealia Banks, "212"
    This is my favorite song of all time! Also reps the USA. Good luck clearing it!