I'm heading to a Red Sox game with @LevNovak and @leahgracewelcome. I am twelve years older than they are.
  1. "You have to understand, this area used to have character. It used to be really cool. Now it's just... You know, it could be anywhere in America"
  2. "Zach Galifianakis was an amazing comedian, long before he did The Hangover"
  3. "Snapshots are... Okay, before digital cameras..."
  4. "See, you should be able to just ask a guy 'which way,' not just follow a blue dot on a screen"
  5. "Ah. The best summer song of all time." [upon hearing 'Summertime' by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince]
  6. "Wade Boggs!" [upon seeing a banner reading WADE BOGGS]
  7. "Ew. They print their salaries?"
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  8. "When I was a teenager, sneaking into Foxwoods seemed like a pretty cool prospect"
  9. "You could never name a team 'The Red Sox' today. It wouldn't even make the top hundred names they showed to whatever committee"
  10. "That happens now?" [in response to "this play is under review"]