Things I'm Into This Week

  1. LocoL
    Healthy fast food from L.A. food God Roy Choi. In Watts and in Oakland, CA. Literally everything on the menu is incredible and it's a revolutionary approach to the integration of food and business and community. Check it out and support it and get a free coffee in August (which I did twice this week and have no shame about). I love this place.
  2. Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys
    An incredibly funny, subtle performance. He plays a real loser and he does so with so much heart and charm and entertainment value that you might as well be watching this failing detective singlehandedly represent the U.S. Olympic team for the feelings he's inspiring in you. He's popular and still an underrated actor.
  3. The World According to Mister Rogers
    Reads like Zen poetry. I loved him as a kid, ordered a Mister Rogers poster from a catalog (for $1, which I remember my Mom thinking was perfectly reasonable) and my Mom once recorded a testimonial about him for our local PBS station.