Things I'm Into This Week

  1. The Wonder Trail by Steve Hely
    An unbelievably funny, cool, interesting book about traveling through South America written in a breezy yet brilliant (breezilliant? Yeah. Breezilliant™) tone by's own @helytimes. Bonus: contains the most devastating yet loving takedowns of Los Angeles and Boston I've ever read in my life. Great summer read!
  2. Orange Vanilla flavored Polar Seltzer
    Shots fired, La Croix!!
  3. Master Class: Kevin Spacey
    If your Facebook habits are anything like mine, you've seen a lot of these extremely intriguing, extremely mockable looking ads. I spent $90 (this is true) for the Kevin Spacey one and (this is also true) I think it's maybe really good and definitely fascinating. They're all 5 hours, HD. They seem to want to be a super prestigious Inside The Actors Studio type of business and I have to say I think they maybe do a good job. Haven't watched any others.