Things I'm Into This Week

  1. Movie: The Lobster
    A really original and really good movie that's hard to describe, in a very refreshing way. Kind of a comedy, kind of sci-fi, kind of an art film. See it with no expectations.
  2. Podcast: Recode Replay
    All those bold and in-depth interviews that made news last week with people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are free and complete here.
  3. Blu-Ray: Cherry Falls
    In the town of Cherry Falls, a serial killer is murdering virgins. The only safe way to avoid being killed... You get the idea. A late 90s movie trying to ride the wake of Scream.
  4. Album title: Love You To Death
    I haven't heard this album by @TeganandSara but damn if it isn't the best album title I've seen in a long time