1. Humidity
    Scent carries memory. Moisture carries scent. HUMIDITY CARRIES MEMORIES.
  2. LAX.
    Color scheme: bright blue. Ceilings: high. Light: bright. Trams and buses: NONE. Starbucks: in all but two terminals. Is it as cute as Burbank? No, but this is a major national airport. I love it. Stop complaining.
  3. Los Angeles
    I could go on and on and on and someday I will. But for now: this is America's most subtle city that is constantly mistaken for America's most unsubtle city. "I'm only here for work." Oh- you mean the work of making your wildest dreams come true? And the city gets no credit for that? That doesn't count?
  4. Rollerblading.
    Too fun? Too healthy? Too accessible? Got it. Makes a lot of sense. Real smart, let's demonize it. Side note with two more counterarguments: the rap on rollerblading was that it was "gay." 1: Gays have the best taste. 2: How did actually being gay become destigmatized in the past twenty years, but not the "gay" activity of rollerblading?
  5. Hipster culture
    Here is a controversial position: hipster culture is not perfect but it is, by and large, a positive thing. Its core values: authenticity, great natural food, design, music, discovering treasures of the past, obsessions with coffee and bourbon. We could do far worse.