I assume you mean writer's block...
  1. Take a walk
    A long walk with no pressure on yourself often brings, in my experience, lots of new and surprising thoughts and ideas.
  2. Dinner with friends
    Different people and a new environment can do wonders for breaking you out of a creative rut. It gets you out of your own head.
  3. Think of it like this: what you are writing isn't going to be the best thing ever - it's simply going to be a record of the best thing you could write at this point in your life.
    It's part of your life story. Maybe it sucks but is expressive of you right now. That's okay. And it's probably better than that.
  4. Write something else, or do something else creative.
    This can get you in touch with your more inspired creative spirit, which could carry back over to this project - as well as lead to something else. Bonus: if you get stuck on the new thing, the previous thing you were stuck on doesn't seem so daunting anymore.
  5. Inspire yourself, don't punish yourself
    Whatever that means to you. Sometimes when people get stuck they punish themselves - "no reward until this is finished." I get that, and I've been there, but I think it gets you further stuck. Instead, treat yourself well and get in touch with what inspired you in the first place - with this project or in general.