This Week's Recommendations

  1. Snack: Perky Turkey Jerky
    The best, chewiest version I've found of this snack food
  2. Music: Christmas Blues on Pandora
  3. Music: Spotify playlists
    They added this feature a couple of weeks ago. It's extremely well curated and easy to use. You can easily browse genres, moods, top charts; choose one; and then just let it play. It's like if Spotify had Songza, or if Pandora allowed you to see the playlist in advance.
  4. Device: the new Apple TV
    The new one is significantly better than the old one. The main innovations are that they have Siri now and they will search apps within your Apple TV (like Netflix, HBO GO, etc.) for your favorite shows. Working together, that's especially great. For example, you can just say "play The Mindy Project" and it will immediately pull up options to play it on Hulu or iTunes.
  5. Podcast episode: The Tim Ferriss Show w/ guest Will MacAskill
    He's a 28-year-old tenured philosophy professor at Oxford and co-founder of the Effective Altruism movement, which has a chance at revolutionizing how the world approaches charitable giving.