This Week's Recommendations

  1. Book: Prodigals by Greg Jackson
    I read a review of this debut collection of short stories by @aruizcamacho in @nytimes and bought it. Awe at this book literally dominated my weekend. I paused every few paragraphs to screenshot pages and ask myself where the hell did this guy come from?@helytimes @zoe @lenadunham @bookishclaire @josh @joshbearman @BillNovak @LevNovak @jesseno
  2. Movie: Four Weddings and a Funeral
    I had never seen it! It is so funny and good.
  3. TV: The Girlfriend Experience on Starz
    I read a rapturous review of this in @vulture and gave it a try. Watched the first two episodes last night. I'm into it and interested to see where it goes.