This Week's Recommendations

  1. Music: EL VY
    Imagine if Father John Misty came back from a long meditation retreat and told you "I learned a lot! I really got over myself, and I think you'll hear that in my music." You'd be both excited and kind of disappointed, right? I'm not saying this is better or worse, just an independently excellent spiritual relative. (Alt: imagine if Kurt Vile texted you "Hey! I fell in love, and I hope you'll hear it in my music! 😃")
  2. Kerry Gaynor, hypnotist
    He's best known for helping people quit smoking. But he'll help you with anything. I went for snacking habits a few years ago. You can go for procrastination. Gluten. You name it. It just has to be something you really, really want to do. Is it weird? Yup. But it's more like cognitive therapy than voodoo. In L.A.
  3. On Netflix: Black Mirror Christmas Special
    Black Mirror has the best ideas in television or film, perfectly done, if bleak. This episode isn't the best or worst, but it's new to Netflix, it's on par, and it has Jon Hamm.