1. Mark Wahlberg is one of the finest actors in the world, an Academy Award nominee who will outright steal a Scorsese or David O. Russell movie, and it is really interesting to see him act alongside non-actors
  2. Mark Wahlberg is a very successful television producer and when he describes his personal point of view on the happenings around him in his interviews, it seems to me he is also dictating to the producers how the show should be edited
  3. As with Wahlberg's show Entourage, the positive outcome of a given episode's high-stakes plot point ("Will David Ortiz like our burger???") is never in doubt
  4. The Wahlberg mom is really cool and sharp and tough and charismatic and has definitely seen some shit
  5. Donnie Wahlberg has aged as one would hope a former New Kid on the Block would age: boyish, but not desperately clinging to youth
  6. I used to think I grew up in Boston but as I get older I realize I definitely did not grow up in Boston. I grew up in the Boston area.
  7. I like this show.