Inspired by @dev
  1. The Dana Carvey Show
    Really underrated and exciting sketch comedy. "This is what Carol Burnett was like," my mom would say about the Q and A at the end.
  2. The Larry Sanders Show
    They had good taste. I only kind of got what was good about it but they were blown away.
  3. The Simpsons
    Of course.
  4. The Critic
    It was on after The Simpsons. We liked it too.
  5. The Cosby Show
    I mean... I don't know what to say. We all watched this! It seemed to have great values! Bedtime was literally after The Cosby Show. I dreamed of being friends with Rudy. I don't know what else to say here.
  6. Seinfeld
    The last one we all watched, when I was in high school. We still all watch when I'm back home.
  7. The Red Sox
    A lot. What an aesthetically beautiful thing to have on TV from spring through fall each year. It was local scenery, with specific intense character. Everything changed once The Curse went away.
  8. The Wonder Years
    Thanks @hillarykerr for reminding me. We watched this and I learned about the 60s. We all liked this one a lot. Great bridge between generations: it was about being my age, in their time.
  9. Family Ties
    Thanks @daniellenuss for reminding me. Another great show to bridge generations; 60s vs 80s was a very important question back then. Is there an equivalent today?