1. British comedy shows that really are 💯
    I feel like I hear about a lot of great ones. They're always called "brilliant" but since that is a common adjective over there... What do people really vouch for?
  2. Reality shows that are enjoyable for whatever reason
    Whenever I am visiting someone's house or a gym and there's a reality show playing, I'm always interested and wish I knew it. Kardashians, swamp monsters, ghosts... They're not on my radar but I always enjoy them. What do people here recommend?
  3. Contemporary cartoons
    A lot of stuff looks the same these days, whether it's Adult Swim or elsewhere. Which of it is actually great?
  4. Classic Looney Tunes episodes
    Love these, but I'm not an expert. And I know some people probably are.
  5. Hidden gems of Hulu
  6. Hidden gems of Amazon TV
  7. Hidden gems of YouTube
  8. Best Jon Stewart and/or Colbert moments
  9. Best Simpsons episodes of the past ten years