1. Surprising lists.
    This form is being invented every day by this group on The List App. I love seeing lists and types of lists and ways to use lists that I never even thought of. It seems like every day I discover a new one.
  2. Recommendation lists.
    Everyone has those things that they are experts in that they are always being asked for advice about by their friends. Do you know the best bars in Chicago? The weirdest crime documentaries on Netflix? The secret menu at Benihana? Over time these lists will be incredibly helpful and useful and referred to again and again. Such lasting as well as immediate value. I would love to see as many as people can make.
  3. Personal lists.
    The list is a very personal form since we are used to writing lists for ourselves. Lists that are memoirs of your life in interesting ways (@zoe is a pioneer of the form here) or reveal facts about your personality or childhood or even your day are a really interesting glimpse into a person.
  4. Advice lists.
    There are certain types of advice we give over and over because we're asked for it - whether it's how to succeed in a particular field, master a certain skill, get over a certain emotional or personal obstacle... I would love to see and learn from these lists.
  5. Opinion lists.
    Lists are a great way to argue with people about which movie or team or city or anything else in the world is better than the other versions of that thing.