Don't be overly mean. Don't be overly complimentary. For real. What do you take me for?
  1. A chill guy who could potentially get me into Soho House
    Suggested by @a20something
  2. A hipster celebrity
    Not in a bad way though. I think it's hard to have a concrete opinion on someone you don't know anyway.
    Suggested by @shadowman
  3. The type of guy at a bar I could have a drunkenly intelligent conversation with but you'd end it with a witty remark and then Irish goodbye away
    Suggested by @michellejennifer
  4. Talented writer. Genuine person. Unique perspective. I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to get to know you better.
    Suggested by @Charlie_Chester
  5. I don't really know. It's hard to really "know" people on social media, isn't it? I take you for a seemingly intelligent and funny person who has been fortunate in life but also wants to somehow use fame to accomplish something that contributes to improving humanity. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Or, "the guy from The Office that wrote that children's book")
    Suggested by @kate81
  6. A carbon-based lifeform.
    Suggested by @listbot
  7. Someone who is genuinely liked by his own family and who reciprocates the feeling.
    Which, to me, says a lot.
    Suggested by @jannychan
  8. Incredibly smart and talented but kinda haunted? Don't know why!! I'm sorry! I've always had that feeling! 🙃
    Had to delete this and suggest again cause had a HUGE spelling mistake (in my defense I'm tired and English it's not my first language)
    Suggested by @criscd
  9. A creative, independent, individual who enjoys the work he does, and appreciates his true friend's because he knows their hard to come by.
    Suggested by @elmospimpingme
  10. nice face w nice lookin' eyes. pleasant speaking voice. has pretentious taste but not for the sake of being pretentious. has Good™ taste in music. is probably good at scrabble (and probably very competitive). maybe has a few failsafe recipes in case someone comes over (idek)
    seems like someone who's written for snl in the past. will one day write a play (unless u already have and i just wasn't informed lol) ((also one more thing is great))
    Suggested by @coolkid
  11. Someone who always has a million things going on at once; extremely protective and caring for your family; thick-skinned about most things, but overly-sensitive about certain things you probably keep to yourself.
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  12. A wordsmith
    Before you say "obviously", let me explain that "I take you for" a wordsmith, but also someone who loves being a wordsmith and gets excited when being a wordsmith. If that makes any sense at all.
    Suggested by @celinerogers
  13. A guy with good hair.
    Suggested by @GavMaLav
  14. The best goddamn banjo player this band has ever had!
    Suggested by @Gola
  15. Creative and humble and very very private
    Saw you perform in person at the UCB in LA in June 2013. You are the type of person who really studies and analyzes jokes and your audience. Your ideas seem to come organically and you don't immediately show them off but rather develop them over time. You seemed extremely private and a little people-pleasing since I saw visible panic when a story didn't work. At the same time, you were a little cocky with some of the ideas that probably worked in the past
    Suggested by @artandscience
  16. Creative and brave yet anxious
    Suggested by @mmthompson
  17. A handsome, intelligent, private & soulful man with a quiet charm and a deep love for Trader Joe's
    Suggested by @taylormorley
  18. Giphy
    Suggested by @LeahG
  19. A guy who inadvertently reminds me that the price we pay for mobility is distance. I get my updates on what is going on second hand. And not just you of course. I wonder if this has an immigrant connection: 1st generation lives where their parents settled, in the basement of the same house or in the same neighbourhood. TBC...
    Suggested by @Alphonse
  20. ....2nd generation grows up in the same neighbourhood but then goes away to school or for other reasons, perhaps settling in that other place. 3rd generation is totally mobile, so by now people are all spread out. And for more recent immigrants, it probably happens in a generation less.
    Suggested by @Alphonse
  21. Um, I feel like you've got thick skin and an elastic heart. No, I'm just kidding. I think of you as a writer who seems to genuinely care about others and someone who's always looking for something different and original to make (i.e. "The Book with No Pictures", the creation of
    Suggested by @sebastianbiondi
  22. I never met you so this is just a random guess... please don't be offended if I'm completely off.
    A very inelegant, sarcastic man with a distinct sense of humor not everyone necessarily gets. Probably somewhat introverted and of few words. Has a handful of friends to which you are EXTREMELY loyal. Oh, and adores kids. Also has a heart of gold and an immense amount of love to give but still waiting to meet her... which is frustrating.
    Suggested by @cmschoder
  23. Someone who notices the details but doesn't point them out
    Suggested by @torrami
  24. another victim of bitching rest face
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
  25. Not a fourteen karat sucker
    Suggested by @applecidermami
  26. Static
    One of favourite actors who played my favourite character ever
    Suggested by @nickey
  27. A guy who's not an asshole, but could be a really good asshole if he ever needed to be
    (Coming from one of your biggest fans)
    Suggested by @peterdutton
  28. An island, just like every god damn one else. But maybe, like, a fairly nice one with some coconut palms and a Tiki bar.
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  29. Someone I'd enjoying seeing high;)
    Suggested by @brianthecoder
  30. Someone who actively dislikes theatre.
    I read this story in one of Mindy's books and it's always stuck with me! Gotta respect people with clear and firm opinions😁
    Suggested by @zeedie
  31. [UPDATED TO ADD: I am embarrassed to post so many of these that are so kind about me! But that is probably a good sign not about me, but about people. I encourage everyone to try this open list!]
  32. Intelligent, punctual, analytical, and disarming. Someone who has a fleshed out opinion on everything from Oxford commas to Yeezy season. Has a complicated relationship with Canter's Challah.
    Suggested by @kemcaul
  33. Thoughtful and intelligent, snarky and persnickety, sensitive and kind, funny and genuine.
    Suggested by @nicolefunaro
  34. A down-to-earth guy that puts his pants on 2 legs at a time😂
    You commented on one of my first lists - something I'll never forget! It made you "normal" in my eyes.
    Suggested by @NicoleO
  35. A lister
    (And someone who appreciates awful puns.)
    Suggested by @JenBaires
  36. Gentle with gentle people and tough with the tough. (I didn't come up with this, It's an Abraham Lincoln quote)
    Suggested by @lorothery
  37. 1. Someone who enjoys lists and listing but clearly isn't listless...
    In a past era your phone number would likely be unlisted though.
    Suggested by @gilbaron
  38. An introvert
    that has gotten good at not actively introverting all the time and surrounds himself by people that either identify with or just appreciate introverts.
    Suggested by @hayok
  39. A funny techno thespian.
    Suggested by @pgMullen
  40. A delightful nerd
    My favourite kind of person
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  41. Ryan. The guy who started the fire. The one who embezzled money. The one who left his kid at a wedding and ran off with an ex. You'll always be Ryan, in my heart at least.
    Suggested by @Monotypic
  42. I fee like you probably know what you want. Like, if you were at a bar with friends and felt like going home, you wouldn't be peer pressured into staying. But if you wanted to stay until 3 am you'd be able to peer pressure everyone else to stay 'til 3 am. Ya know?
    Suggested by @sky
  43. I'd probably take you for a hundred bucks in a card game.
    Old Maid, Snap, or War—dealer's choice.
    Suggested by @Dashelamet
  44. a quiet guy that has a lot going on in his head
    Suggested by @sincerelysav
  45. a leo
    Suggested by @anj
  46. A super self aware kind of guy. And a person who really seems to like challah bread.
    Suggested by @marcoqu
  47. I'd take you for an Old Fashioned and walk in the park
    (Literal vs figurative? ... they both work)
    Suggested by @5haps
  48. A typical Leo who's Achilles heel has been and will always be love. In all its forms.
    Suggested by @katelynmchessler
  49. Barack Obama
    Suggested by @cwade
  50. Mindy's friend
    Suggested by @hannahturner
  51. Someone I'd ask for recommendations for good books and good beers
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  52. Someone who can introduce a brother to Katy Perry and/or Alison Brie
    Suggested by @brianthecoder
  53. Surprisingly warm.
    Suggested by @shanaz
  54. Active listener, patient, and kind. Someone I would like to go on a run with.
    Suggested by @mianguyen
  55. The one who introduced my kids to the phrase "boo boo butt"
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama