1. At work in the far bathroom.
    Getting paid to poop kid. Far bathroom means nobody smells ya.
  2. Out at a nice restaurant during a boring group dinner.
    I'm sick of you dorks, I have nothing to say, so I'm gonna go take a shit in a bathroom that smells like lavender.
  3. In a nice restaurant that I'm not eating at.
    I had to shit, wandered in off the street, pretended I was meeting friends, wandered into the back and took a shit, then left abruptly. You just got gamed yo
  4. Upstairs bathroom at an overwhelming party.
    I need a time out and I'm taking it.
  5. At my parents house.
  6. Outdoors, camping, with a righteous view.
    Mountains ya'll.
  7. Hotel room with the door open.
    Self explanatory.
  8. Cheesy club filled with people I don't like.
    I come out and everyone thinks I've been doing drugs because I was in that stall for a minute and they can't smell the shittiness over their cologne.
  9. The gym
    I come out so light on my feet ready to be a warrior
  10. My apartment
    Last and least. Not trying to dirty my toilet bowl or use up my toilet paper.