1. Sunny and warm
    The undisputed heavyweight champion.
  2. Sunny and wintry
    Crisp! You can wear sunglasses and not feel silly. Day drinking on a sunny winter weekend afternoon is a joy. It's like you're in Denver or something.
  3. Windy and gray
    Don't love it all the time, but the occasional gray autumn day is fun for pretending you're in a Smiths video. Very literary. Ideal for work, chores and non-leisure activities.
  4. Genuine snowstorm
    Everything becomes a hassle: travel, staying dry, maintaining a reasonable core temperature. On the plus side, in heavy enough doses, work and school get cancelled. On the negative side, you better have booze in the house or you're screwed.
  5. Rainy and cold
    The worst: slow driving, wet shoes, the whole ordeal of using an umbrella. Umbrellas and toasters are in a dead heat for the least efficient tools that you can't do without. People who think rain is soothing or romantic need to find better ways to spend their time.