1. His ability to fall asleep so easily
    While I'm obsessively creating and reading lists
  2. I cannot turn my brain off
  3. My emotions are like a fucking pinball machine
  4. He cares if she's going to be ok
    Fuck her. You ignored me for so long and didn't care if I was ok. Why is she still important to you.
  5. Panic attacks. They fucking suck.
    Although I've lost 5 pounds this week. That doesn't suck.
  6. I'm going to have to ask him for that jump drive. Because he's just not going to do it himself.
    He finally gave it to me.
  7. Me wanting to kiss him and have sex with him will make me seem needy and desperate, and that will drive him away.
  8. Being self conscious during sex because I'm 45 and she is 25
  9. Being afraid that he no longer thinks sex with me is the best he's ever had
  10. Constantly wondering how quickly he's going to lose patience with me and this process we have to go through
  11. I'm afraid he'll manipulate his way through therapy
  12. He'll decide therapy is too hard to fit in with his work schedule, he'll miss appointments because he's working late or traveling too much