1. The flag of Mozambique
    Why do you have an AK-47 on your flag? Good luck trying to invite tourists.
  2. The flag of Indonesia
    Or is this Poland? Or is this Monaco?
  3. The flag of the United States
    Once Puerto Rico ever becomes the 51st, this flag will become unbelievably painful to look at.
  4. The flag of the Seychelles
    I guess, this is where Elton John was born
  5. The flag of Guam
    Did you really have to actually WRITE your name on it! We know it belongs to you. No one is going to steal it. It’s safe here, bro
  6. The flag of the Northern Mariana Islands
    Who drew this? When does he turn eight?
  7. The flag of Dominica
    Dude, if you’re ever gonna put a bird on your flag, at least get a cool bird. A fucking parrot?! Are you fucking kidding me?!
  8. The flag of Turkmenistan
    Would make excellent tea towel
  9. The flag of Swaziland
    Would make excellent beach towel
  10. The flag of Saint Lucia
    I actually thought it was an insurance company logo. Can you blame me?
  11. The flag of Kyrgyzstan
    What is that? Is that a piping hot cross bun? Fair to say, I’m getting hungry just looking at it. Is that how I’m supposed to feel?
  12. The flag of Armenia
    Horrible colour scheme. Another painful eyesore. Is that Puke orange?
  13. The flag of Qatar
    Reminds me of toilet paper.