The food part is pretty easy...
  1. Heeeeeey, you. Haven't seen you in a while. What have you been up to? You seeing anybody? You'll be the first one I call after this is all done.
  2. What up bro???! What's good, mangggg?! How are the homies?? You still doin your thang bein cold and shit? NOICE! Good thing the patriots lost and you won't tempt me to get loose on the 7th.
  3. Me?? What's wrong with me??? You were the toxic one in our relationship. You've been calling me nonstop with threatening voicemails!! Wait, you wanna get back together? You take back all those stupid things you made me say? See you in 22 days!!!!
  4. You'll be the first one I see at a restaurant. I promise. And I don't care how much it costs! You're worth it!!!!
  5. Hi, just wanna let you know.. I probably won't be seeing you again. You're just too sweet. Please don't call.
  6. Same goes for you. And don't try to pull my favorite cuisine into this. Please, let this end here.