Thoughts through final days of school
  1. You might not remember everything...pack a brown bag lunch for field trip to Boston you remember 10 min before bus and consider it a victory
  2. Wait. You need a costume for the living history museum project tomorrow note: this isdeclared 5 min before bedtime- thank you Jane Goodall
  3. Why isn't there a store open from 8-11 pm on dedicated to last minute school stuff with cupcakes, random historical figure costumes and teacher gifts.
  4. Wait 8 year olds have softball playoffs....and it's at least two more games YEAH !?! Just when you think the season is over
  5. Enjoy the craziness team parties, classroom projects, last games, school concerts it's the crazy and fun all at the same time and it's ok to be happy when its done or to celebrate it like its Cinco De Mayo!
  6. Jane Goodall