Thoughts when the crazy cowbell lady shows up at the 8 year old soccer game

True story from crazed sport parent land.....crazy cowbell lady is here again
  1. Playing Salem again hope that cowbell lady doesn't show up
  2. Damn it I think that is her.....
  3. Other team scores is she going to ring yes she rings that cowbell.
  4. We won't let them score 8 goals again...I coach so I put n the goal scorers
  5. Yeah we score Take that cowbell lady!
  6. Note to self: purchase air horn from when we play them again
  7. Thank goodness we score next no cowbell again but all the parents look at her when we score vengeance pouring from their cold dead stares
  8. Some kids does a cartwheel on field remember this is 8 year old soccer not World Cup no cowbell for that performance
  9. Why would you bring a cowbell to a youth soccer game she's been bringing it since they were 6!!!!
  10. You can only bring cowbells to Friday Night light type Texas football games that would be appropriate
  11. Salem scored that cowbell again
  12. Did I mention cowbell lady also has a very loud voice too be game included a verbal altercation with our parents ... True crazy sport parent behavior
  13. Tie game....I til
  14. Next time cowbell lady