Out of my head, and onto iPhone.
  1. Virtual Reality
    Sounds awesome for early adopters and generally responsible folks, but how long until there are isolation tanks being used as a sort of minority-report/league-of-legends dystopia
  2. Global warming
    What's the downside to trying something/anything? If they're right, then we've helped save the entire planet - if they're wrong, it certainly can't hurt to try save the planet can it?
  3. Driverless cars
    Can't wait for the day to arrive. Still not sure how to do remote software upgrades etc w/o giving hackers an entry to taking over and wreaking havoc. Also, not sure how they figure on programming the philosophical moral choice part either.
  4. If reincarnation is real, then how is the world population continuing to grow? If reincarnation isn't real, then what's next...?
  5. Primary voters are funny. Follow the money.
  6. Grudges and hatred seem completely pointless and ulcer-inducing. Regrets too.
    I still gotta work at getting over/past/through it though.
  7. Who is John Galt? Satoshi Nakamoto?
  8. Failure is feedback
    Fail often. Take chances. don't be afraid to make mistakes, and don't forget to take notes.
  9. Will bitcoin replace the gold standard?
  10. Seems as though, for as much as we are able to accomplish/experience in life, we spend so much more time awaiting/anticipating its arrival. So the real question/life-changer is: how do I switch as much dread/foreboding anticipation into eager/exciting anticipation is possible?
  11. Attitude is everything!