So near the end of 2012, I saw that thing on the Internet, that idea of, for a whole year, writing down moments that make you happy and putting them in a jar. And at the end of the year, pulling them out to remember all the great things that happened. Well, I decided to pull out two or three whenever I felt I needed cheering up instead. It works.
  1. December: Tash [my sister] gave me a present for getting into Honours :D She's so lovely!
    Of psychology. Which I have now completed 😎
  2. January: Richard doesn't hate me! Goddamn. Months of panic for nothing
    Richard is the ex-boyfriend I hadn't spoken to for four months. We ended up getting back together, which is an indication of how much he really didn't hate me
  3. October: Unexpectedly ran into Tien Yi. I love that we started talking like we were picking up a conversation (despite not having seen her for weeks!)
  4. January: Amy's got a BOYFRIEND! :D
    My absurdly introverted best friend. And they are still strong.
  5. January: Read The Book Thief. Markus Zusak. Holy moley. Greatest book ever.
    I stand by that
  6. March: Saw a shooting star! While having a VERY pleasant evening with Richard at the beach.
  7. October: a BEAUTIFUL weekend, not too much work, Tash is free, no commitments, lovely weather. Life is good!
  8. Excuse all the exclamation marks but really, the excitement's the whole point 😊
    Would recommend, 10/10