I hate WASTING TIME driving when I COULD BE on a train, reading, but Melbourne's public transport is far from all-encompassing. So I have learnt to podcast. These are some of my favourites, science and history and language, most of them hosted by journalists, who can weave a fantastic story.
  1. Invisibilia
    The one that got me into podcasting. The PERFECT podcast for people into psych-y related topics. One episode was on a lady who had touch synasthesia, and could feel other people's sensations if she saw them happening. A great mix of explanation, interviews, and...story telling.
  2. Science is Golden
    Kind of similar but Australian, and more science-focused. One episode looks at "human guinea pigs" and talks to people who volunteer for clinical trials.
  3. TED Radio Hour
    I often think that I ought to watch more TED stuff. Now I can do it while in the shower!
  4. The Inquiry
    News and politics from around the world, told in a, you guessed it, story
  5. Lore
    This one is my new favourite! Takes stories from history (one example, the Pied Piper), and looks deeper into the possible truth of it
  6. Radiolab
    Some investigative journalism, just interesting stories.
  7. Reveal
    Similar to Radiolab. If anyone knows anything like this but focusing on stories in Australia (or more wide-world rather than an American focus), please let me know!
  8. Hidden Brain
    A really awesome social science podcast!
    Suggested by   @emrosemros
  9. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    I personally enjoyed the Genghis Khan episodes. Some of them are 4+ hours long but totally worth it!
    Suggested by   @allisongag
  10. Success Freaks
    Two guys helping others be awesome. This comedic motivational podcast has so many relatable life situations that everyone can learn from. Plus they'll make you laugh!
    Suggested by   @Two_Drops_of_A
  11. 99% Invisible
    99% Invisible is a podcast about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world.
    Suggested by   @mrkylematz
  12. Under the Influence, a Canadian show podcast on the cbc radio app, about the art and business of advertising. Terry O'Reilly is a smart and funny host with years of experience in the industry and great examples. It's fun.
    Suggested by   @kateofcanada
  13., iTunes or Google Play Music
    Learn fun trivia about a different movie every Wednesday.
    Suggested by   @JasonDavisVoice
  14. Revisionist History (happens to be Malcolm Gladwell's new podcast. It's EXCELLENT)!!! and my personal favorite, esp for learning is Waking Up with Sam Harris. Amazingly brilliant guests, wonderfully intellectual conversations. ENJOY!
    Suggested by   @davidtodd
  15. Stuff You Should Know
    Josh & Chuck are awesome. Always entertaining. They have a HUGE catalog.
    Suggested by   @doodler19
  16. The Sporkful
    It's not for foodies, but for eaters! It's a podcast from a station in NYC! So addictive!
    Suggested by   @barbie62