I started reading this from the very first comic in order (only got like a fifth of the way in) and it took me probably about a hundred comics to realise the picture was the same every single time.
  1. Hilarious misunderstandings
    I google this and insert it into any conversation where I or my conversation partner has misunderstood something http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=92
  2. Entropy pt 1
  3. Entropy pt 2
    Hover over the comic with your mouse and it reads: "for the rest of his life t-Rex always keeps one eye on his eggs, and finds he sighs just a little more often." http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1050&mobile=1
  4. YOU'RE SUCH A GREAT FRIEND maybe we should be kissing: a web card
    Legitimately thought about sending this to a friend once http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=1713
  5. There are so many other good ones. I just love T-Rex and his oblivious confidence in his opinions