I'm in my crazy marking period at the moment and subsequently have read NOTHING in the past four weeks but I'm almost done! And all of these have become very close to being due...
  1. Veronica Mars: Kiss and Tell
    This one is actually the sequel, and I haven't read the first one yet, but I own the first one and am notoriously bad at reading books I own so...here's the incentive
  2. In the Unlikely Event
    By Judy Blume. You guys, JUDY BLUME. I believe this is her first book for adults. (Guess who's an adult now!)
  3. All Fall Down
    By Ally Carter. This is literally the third time I've borrowed it, it keeps becoming overdue and I have to return it. Third time lucky?
  4. Zeroes
    By Scott Westerfield. About teens with awkward super powers. It sounds like a weird book but I love some of Westerfield's stuff
  5. PS I Still Love You
    By Jenny Han. Get into Jenny Han if you haven't already, awesome chick flickery
  6. None of the Above
    By I. W. Gregorio. About transgenderism. I love books about queer teens these days. Especially how a lot of authors don't make it a primary plot point any more. Like they're actually real people with issues other than being queer
  7. So You've Been Publicly Shamed
    By Jon Ronson (whenever I'm looking him up in the library catalogue I always forget whether he's Jon Ronson or Ron Jonson). This guy is a journalist who is HILARIOUS. This book's about...people who have been publicly shamed.
  8. Another Day
    By David Levithan. A sequel to a book where a...person? who inhabits different people's bodies every day, never the same one twice, not by choice...and falls in love. It's an insane story, but oddly beautiful.
  9. We All Looked Up
    By Tommy Wallach. The world is given two months to live before an asteroid wipes everything out. Group of teens decide to really live.