So I was put on a list for being Australian (UNITED NATIONS OF LIST APP 🌍) and I feel like I should say something Australian now? Leunig is an Australian Living Treasure.
  1. Curly beach
  2. Festival of Weeping
    (couldn't fit the whole thing in to the square) I recommend piano weeping if you are feeling in need of some catharsis
  3. God give us strength
    You don't have to be religious to appreciate this one
  4. Self-storage
    This one was up on my corkboard for a while
  5. A gruntled fellow
  6. Ducks and mental health
    Not this cartoon in particular, but I love Leunig's characteristic use of ducks as embodiments of wisdom and mental peace.
  7. Literature
    I just LOVE this one
  8. Let it All Unravel
  9. Come Sit Down Beside Me
    My dad used to recite this poem frequently (without any real prompting) and it is one of my favourites
  10. Come Sit Down Beside Me illustration
  11. Life's journey
  12. The Happiest Angel
    I still don't quite understand what this means but it fills me with an unexplained hope
  13. Fellow human lonely lamb
    Published around the time of the phone hacking scandals. I just love the rhyme scheme of this, too
  14. You Go into the Garden
    He actually explains the symbolism in this one so I know what everything means!
  15. Let the Wound Lie Open
    I have a friend who died recently, and he gave me a Leunig book for my 21st. This one is in there, and I can't express how much this speaks to me now.