NB. I am not a psychologist yet and am not legally allowed to say I am, please do not report me.
  1. Asking everyone who has problems whether they've considered "seeing someone"
    Which I personally think is GREAT ADVICE but apparently can get annoying. I had a friend with depression and when I asked if he had thought about talking to someone (professional) he went "I'm talking to you!" Which is fair. But the further you go in psych, the more they drum into you "you are not a psychologist yet. You cannot give counselling to people". So despite the fact we probably have slightly more skills, we are less likely to use them on our friends 😛
  2. I am maybe too skeptical??
    So we're taught to be critical thinkers and question everything and I have gotten so much better at this but maybe to the extreme? As soon as my mum says something like "I was watching a program about which diets work best for--" I'm all "randomised control trials or GTFO". I need to calm down because I am probably ruining a very helpful placebo effect of many things for many people.
  3. Diagnosing lots of people
    They tell us this happens and also NOT TO DO THIS and I was good at not doing this for a while but now I am not. In fairness maybe there actually is mental illness everywhere? I feel like that is not unlikely. But I should probably also calm down.
  4. Getting frustrated because you can't be angry at anyone any more
  5. Being too aware of all the developmental problems my future children may have
    Ok so one syndrome may only have an incidence of 1 in 100,00, but if you add up all the possible syndromes there are and all of their rates, it becomes ALARMINGLY SIGNIFICANT. Which is not to say it's wrong to have these syndromes but it makes parenting harder, and it makes their life harder, and...I just want my children to be happy 😩
  6. Sounding like a therapist when your friend just wants a chat
    I'M SO SORRY I really hate if I come across like this. And I know it's annoying because my other psychology friends sometimes accidentally do this to me and I can't stand it.
  7. People ASSUMING you are psychoanalysing them
    I don't fkn even learn psychoanalysis I am not doing this stop asking me what your personality is like after I've met you twice. Also I DON'T READ MINDS.