If you don't listen to commercial radio, you are clearly missing out
  1. Bare or bush
    Where people call up and chat and the host have to guess whether they shave their pubes or not
  2. G-strings and VPL
    What is VP--oh, visible panty lines, of course, I should know this. Two female radio hosts spent some time discussing this perpetual problem. I don't know why. I'm pretty sure people know I wear underpants. It's not scandalous. If boys can have the tops of theirs showing over their pants I feel like I'm allowed to have lines showing. Featuring quotes such as "but I think I have to give up my g-string, it's just very aggressive on the anus."
  3. Kyle Sandilands knowing more about women than women
    In a segment where men could call up and ask questions about female things, one man asked how women choose whether to use pads or tampons. The female host said it was pretty much personal choice, some people only ever wear tampons, some will wear both at the same time-- "oh come on, no one's wearing both at the same time" *disdain* lots of scepticism. Ok THANKS Kyle, don't really know why you think you'd know more about this than your female cohost.
  4. Are you nude?
    Hosts asks callers some questions (eg. Current location) and guess whether they are nude or not. But this one's done by Hamish and Andy who will always have my loyalty.