1. "What are you saving for?"
    Why is this question so common? And why do people find it weird that I'm not specifically saving for a house or for travel but maybe I just wanna have money in the bank so I can do those things if I feel like it later?
  2. Waiting behind a parked car and the person behind you switching lanes
    Like dude I know we all want to merge but it's not going to be feasible to do it all at once and I FEEL like the first in line should go first
  3. "Oh my God you HAVE to travel!"
    No, I really don't have to. There are other things I can do that are also meaningful, cheers. A comment particularly common, and annoying, when I said I was taking a gap year
  4. Being judged for not using an ATM
    Mr Bank Dude, I get it. Encouraging everyone to slowly switch to ATMs mean you can employ less people and save all the money I give you, but I really don't think it's reasonable for you to get judgemental at me not wanting to drop a bunch of my money into a machine and hope it all works out
  5. Extroverts aggressively extroverting
    It probably isn't even aggressive, they all just seem so aggressive to me
  6. People parking in the no standing zone at the end of my street
    This inspires some major rage. It doesn't even directly affect me. But it's so common now that there are two building sites in my street, and I think I've called the council to report them at least a dozen times, and left countless politely aggressive notes on people's windows
  7. The taste of slightly off milk
    When it doesn't taste right but it's not off enough to justify throwing it away
  8. That one guy at dancing when he does literally anything
    It's gotten to the stage where I dislike him so much he could bake me delicious brownies and I would use it as an example of how he is the most up himself dickhead to exist