1. House M.D.
    The fandom that brought us together!
  2. Handwritten letters
    My longest pen pal 💜
  3. Online murderers
    Oh man I took such a chance giving you my home address. I still haven't met you so I have no idea whether you might just be biding your time. For...eight long years...
  4. The Easy A
    I have never watched a movie with someone without them being physically present, other than @kaitmaree. Every time I feel like watching this movie I think about asking you if you want to be watch, too
  5. Emma Stone in general
  6. The Mindy Project
    Because you LOVE it and actually I don't know if any of my other friends do
  7. Hyperbole and a Half
    I'm not even sure why - I assume you introduced it to me
  8. Sydney
    Literally the whole of Sydney. I even lived in Sydney for two years but when I think of Sydney, I think of you
  9. Calvin and Hobbes