Toilet paper! Tissues! If you're thinking of changing your provider, let me be of assistance
  1. They're 100% recycled paper
  2. 50% of profits go to WaterAid, to build toilets in the developing world
  3. They're very friendly
  4. They give positive affirmations
  5. They have super fun wrapping and patterns
    My mum and I actually save the boxes to cut out for tags and things...
  6. They add colour to my toilet room!
  7. They add colour my bathroom!
  8. They add colour to my kitchen!
  9. They have a funny name
    One of my friends is a primary school teacher and she collects boxes and stuff for her kids to do construction and these tissue boxes are awesome and bright for that but first I have to take a permanent marker to the bad words on the box
  10. They're kind of funny people
  11. You can buy in bulk which satisfies my hoarding tendencies
  12. Free delivery*!
    *to most Australian addresses
  13. You get a huge box on your doorstep
    Honestly this is the main reason I keep buying from them. Packages are so exciting even if they only contain toilet paper