Answers for @amieshmamie

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    Artichokes, avocados, and In-N-Out Burger, oh my!
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    They're snobs, they're elitist ivory tower academics, or they're entitled wall-street one-percenters.
    My mom's family is from the east coast, and they are all wonderful and amazing, so these all make me laugh. That said, I can also see where some of these come from.
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    People mostly differentiate SoCal or NorCal, or the Bay Area, not Cali so much (in my experience).
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    Sure, we're easy going. 🌞
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    We have EVERYTHING: Mountains, forests, an awesome agricultural corridor, deserts, lakes, sun, snow, universities, quaint towns, wine country, Disneyland, some of the most dynamic cities... Oh, and the beach. And the sun.
    Sorry, I'm CA born & raised. I get effusive.
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    This drought is killing us. And the fires. And the bark-beetle that's slowly eating the Sierras. And the trafficβ€”my god, the traffic! And it's f@#*ing expensive to live here.
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    No. My life has far less pastel. 😜
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    I drive a car that's 16 years old and is being held together with duct tape and gorilla glue, so...not so much. 😎
    But I still loved to watch it when I was a kid. Shannon Doherty! Luke Perry!!
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    It makes me laugh until I cry, it's so funny.
    It's totally, totally true! πŸ˜‚
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    This is so difficult. I'm stressing out thinking about it. Can I get back to you?
    But Steinbeck, oh my, you have to read Steinbeck. East of Eden has the most beautiful history and description of CA I've ever read, and Cannery Row is one of my favorite books ever.
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    Sometimes! Although not nearly as often as I'd like.
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    I grew up near the Redwoods and I love them. They feed my soul. I see them as often as I can. They are incomparable. You must visit them. I'll take you there.
    My favorite backpacking trip was the Skyline to the Sea: 3 days in forests so dense and old they look like prehistoric creatures should live there.
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    Less than the Redwoods, but still more than I can count. Also breathtaking. Unreal.
    Some of them are so big you can drive your car through the trunk.
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    I think so. I've never looked up how they're different, but I can recognize one or the other at just about every stage.
    Gosh, now I'm going to have to look up the "official" differences between them.
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    Pretty eclectic. I know Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Mormons, Pagans, Wiccans, Atheists, Born-agains...
    And we all get together for holidays and enjoy learning about all the different ways to celebrate. It sounds idyllic & too good to be true when I put it in words like that, but that's honestly my experience.
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    I didn't know that!
    Did you know that the population of Los Angeles alone is larger than the entire population of Ireland?
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    Yes! Came upon a little gem just last month called "Luther's Attic." Got some great sweaters and vintage wine goblets for a dollar each!
    Of course I'll never be able to wear the sweaters because it never gets cold here.
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    Yes! We'll drive around to all the thrift stores and used bookstores, then we'll camp in the redwoods, go skiing, then go surfing. πŸ„πŸ½
    And we'll do it all driving in my poor duct-taped car listening to Beach Boys songs. πŸ€—