A few years ago I was asked to say in two words what my life's goal was. My answer was "Learn Everything." I've been trying to figure out how to accomplish this ever since. (And I'm still working on it.)
  1. Read. Read anything and everything.
    This was my very first strategy for learning everything, starting in elementary and middle school, when it was too hard to do the next thing, which is...
  2. Talk to people, even (especially) the people who intimidate you with how different they seem.
    I didn't really figure out how to do this until high school, and even thing I was disastrously terrible at it. For me it's been all about overcoming my horrific shyness. I've gotten better over time, but even so, George Clooney certainly won't be asking me for tips anytime soon.
  3. Travel. Even if you can't travel to exotic lands, travel as far and as much as you can.
    I've been lucky enough to travel to a few other countries (even lived in another country for a while) and each place has made me feel more confidant and less significant, all at the same time. But even when I've only been able to travel to the nearest Chinatown or local hiking spot, I feel like I learn something new about the world.
  4. Take classes.
    I'm partial to history, sociology, and art, but ANY class is going to expand your knowledge and broaden your mind. No excuses! They aren't just for kids and college students—there are a ton of online classes, not to mention your local Parks and Rec. probably offers something you'd love. Make time for it, you'll thank me later.
  5. Meditate. Because "Learning Everything" means learning about yourself too.
    It's hard to know the world if you don't know yourself. Similarly, it's hard to love, be kind to, or listen to others if you can't do those things for yourself first.