This is for you, @evak!
  1. Seeing my hero LeVar Burton around the office. OMG!!
  2. Getting paid to talk about books all day long.
  3. Working with people who are passionate about reading.
    We have some GREAT conversations about books at the office. My TBR list has never been so long.
  4. Reaching out to superstars in the publishing world and having them be excited to talk to me.
    I've met some amazingly smart, talented and gracious people I would never have met otherwise.
  5. Interviewing Neil Gaiman. 😳!!
  6. Interviewing Ernest Cline. 👾!!
  7. ARCs from publishers. 📚
  8. We have the absolute best fans and followers on our social media accounts. Creative, smart, funny, passionate--I love talking to them all!
  9. Getting paid to search the Internet for bookish stuff.
  10. Having a job where being a mom is an asset.
    My kids help me with my work ALL the time. They give me ideas, they give me their opinions about books, they keep me grounded in the kid lit world, they've even been in a few of the video field trips!
  11. Being inspired every day.
  12. Oh, and did I mention, getting paid to talk about books all day!