Things I'm Doing When I Look Like I'm Sleeping

Like Don Draper in Mad Men, my creative process closely resembles sleep. I'm actually hard at work...
  1. Strategizing how to fit more books on my bookshelves.
  2. Writing my next blog post.
  3. Hoping coffee will magically brew itself.
  4. Mulling over something I just read.
  5. Considering what to read next.
  6. Thinking of new social media themes and guest bloggers for @ReadingRainbow.
  7. Making up a bedtime story for my daughter.
  8. Grumbling about having to do laundry or go grocery shopping.
  9. Talking myself out of going for a run.
  10. Working myself up for going for a run.
  11. Wrestling with an ethical dilemma.
  12. Wondering if I forgot to close the garage door.
  13. Enjoying warm puppy snuggles.
  14. Ignoring you by pretending to be asleep.