1. Dave's Grill
    Both the best lobster roll and the worst reservations system on the planet (on the latter, you must call at exactly 4:15 PM day-of.) Also amazing is the lobster pasta.
  2. The Hideaway
    Though not as hidden away now that there's a sign.
  3. Ruschmeyers
    Including bc their new chefs, the Sussmans, could potentially crush it w their Middle Eastern menu concept.
  4. Scarpetta Beach
    Taking a flyer on this one as it's new. But I think this is literally the only restaurant on the entire East End licensed to operate on the beach.
  5. Clam Bar
    Tuna bits, lobster roll, side of fries: happy place.
  6. La Fondita
    I like the platillos tradicionales over the tacos but that's me.
  7. Nick and Toni's
  8. John Papas Cafe
    It's in the parking lot. Crucial diner intel alert.
  9. The Palm
    Secret great move is to walk in and sit at bar. Secret great entree is the chicken parm done grilled.
  10. Beacon
    Maybe best restaurant in Sag Harbor.
  11. Tutto il Giorno
    Bit hectic, but good.
  12. Estia's
    Breakfast and lunch it is the absolute best. Tortilla soup and Al's Pop.
  13. Highway Diner
    New. Dan Kluger's (was ABC Kitchen; now TBD) #2 is the chef so has promise.