lost in...LAst in
  1. the sun slowly falls
  2. from the edge of the sky
  3. infinitely raw and freezing
  4. as the long and misty night comes by
  5. sticks to the outside world
  6. with it's endless darkness
  7. absorbs all of the objects and lines
  8. and leaves the wide sky starless
  9. slowly overwhelms me
  10. like a deep black wave
  11. and my fear grows
  12. if I am afraid, can I still be brave...?
  13. losing myself in
  14. and just want out
  15. if there's only one who loves you is not enough...?
  16. in your mountains
  17. where it's going to snow
  18. and the absence of light slowly sprawls around
  19. the only thing I would like to know
  20. what if we've never met...?
  21. while I finally ended up in a city to find you
  22. you were on your way to take a flight
  23. I was standing on my own under the palm trees in the dark
  24. I realized illusion is the only thing I have instead of your sight
    and it feels like it never happened