1. The walk begins
    I look around
  2. The Sun launches straight into her persistent squabble with the canopy above
    I keep moving
  3. The bees engage in a dizzying romance with the dew soaked bush
    I can't look away
  4. The mantid is silent in her appraisal of the worm’s demise
    I hesitate
  5. There is a clearing in the woods. And as I stroll into it. My eyes meet the eyes that watched me
    And I see death
  6. A chase unfolds
    I run
  7. In a flash. I am in the air. My hunter is now my prey. After the killing
    I pause and recalibrate
  8. The stream calms the pressing anxiety of the scrub
    I rest
  9. The flocks embark on a perilous journey back home
    I open my eyes
  10. The woods are still
    I see myself