I'm in an Eminem mood, let's start from the beginning.
  1. Slim shady LP - Eminem
    One of Eminem's most lyrical albums.
  2. Marshall Mathers Lp - Eminem
    One of my favorite albums of all time.
  3. Eminem Show - eminem
    Classic. Eminem's hooks on this album, omg.
  4. Encore - Eminem
    This album doesn't get the credit it deserves.
  5. Relapse - Eminem
    The first album back, my god the lyrics in this. Accents and all.
  6. Relapse - Eminem
    One of, if not the most lyrical album Eminem has put out. Starting from track one, straight fire.
  7. Marshall Mathers Lp2 - Eminem
    Love this album!!