I woke up feeling positive. For today's albums I wanted good vibes only, to go along with my good morning.
  1. Logic - Under pressure
    Great album to start with, the lyrics over the ill instrumentals inspired by the likes of Outkast, Kanye West, and tribe called quest really set the smooth melodic tone for the album with some dope lyrics on top.
  2. Dreamville - Revenge of the dreamers 2
    This is my first listen, and I wasn't disappointed. It had a nice flow. As a surprise, it followed Under pressure very well.
  3. Donnie Trumpet & the social experiment - Surf
    My god this album is amazing. Nothing but great vibes from this project. The trumpets, the Jazz influences make you think Ron Burgundy is in this band with his jazz flute. I'm not even mad, it's amazing.
  4. Erykah Badu - But You Can't Use My Phone
    To finish it off, Erykah Badu. This mixtape give us Badus sweet harmonic voice over some familiar beats. This album will solidify you're good morning.