Business ideas

Exercise the creative mind
  1. Weed shop with a book store and gaming arcade
  2. Make big retro arcade machines using raspberry pi and screen
    Wooden construction with vinyl wrap cosmetics Retro controls probably most expensive part Raspberry pi cheap, network-able and easily maintained
  3. Cbd/thc tampons for period pain
    Sold in Canadian pharmacy Not great when only sold in dispensaries - ID check process etc Sold in Uruguay and Portugal?? Sold in France? (just CBD) 'natural and organic, no electrodes or pills needed' Ask French tribe to help Ask Matt/icdic to help in China
  4. Insect and bean protein breakfast
    Crunchy flakes with cereal texture Easy to have with milk Good cold and hot
  5. Cbd treats for pets pain
    Biscuits Food additives
  6. Thc/cbd lube and spray on DW
    60/10 ratio (somehow)
  7. Motorbike helmet w/ wireless camera and hud (like ski goggles)
    Or actual ski goggles worn inside helmet (motocross)