My Bucket List

Culmination of cool stuff and how to do it cheaply
  1. See Yosemite Falls
    Watch the sunset from a peak
  2. Ski Colorado
    Visit every resort, ski groomers Ski backcountry with some locals (perhaps dispensary owners)
  3. Visit Thailand
    Wakeboard in Thai wake Park See the temple ruins See the rice paddies
  4. Visit South Africa
    Climb table mountain Surf Ride motorcycles with friends
  5. Race a motorcycle
  6. Learn to drift my car
    Install hydraulic handbrake Buy/build a dedicated drift mobile
  7. Learn to skydive solo
    Wingsuiting optional
  8. Visit New Zealand
  9. Live in Japan
    Teach skiing Learn Japanese
  10. Build a business
  11. Create a strong network of skilled and successful people
    Give them energy and humour Give value wherever possible
  12. Meet Owen Cook
    Game with him Discuss philosophy with him