We're more fragile than ever. Kids delete ("self-censor") over 30% of their Instagram posts within 30 mins because they didn't get "enough" likes. We should probably just man up, but instead we'll lean even further on technology. The tools already exist but are mostly used in advertising, to enrich us. They will surely be repurposed to validate us.
  1. Tinder profile pic optimizer
    It's totally inefficient to have to pick and choose the optimal dating photo yourself. How are you supposed to know? In the future, Tinder will just suck in all your photos and automatically A/B test them against each other to find the most engaging ones. It may also determine that a fragmented approach is best: Show the one with the puppy to girls in California, or the one with the confederate flag to girls in the South. Same tech as ad targeting, and shocking this isn't already happening.
  2. Likes optimizer
    The fundamental reason that people get anxiety about posting is that they don't want to be seen failing in front of a wide audience. But if content ends up being good, they also don't want to narrow the audience too much. Technology will fix this by "testing" your posts the same way that companies test new features: Seed them to a small, low-risk audience. If they respond well, automatically begin broadening the distribution in concentric circles. If not...you always intended a small group post!
  3. More to come. Mostly just testing out the latest version before lunch with @bjnovak.